estrant Seiryu
This is Restrant Seiryu's out side .
You can eat dishs that made from many vegetables of Gunma

You can enjoy there

Above picture is inside of the Restaurant Seiryu.

Restaurant Seiryu was used for train long time ago but it is used for restaurant now.

This dish is Maitake gohan teisyoku.
It used many maitake mushrooms 🍄and vegetables.

price \1,250

Mashroom carry 🍄
Price \850

Yamatobuta bento
Yamatobuta uses tasty pork. The pork's top is covered with the original soy sause.
If you buy it, you can get washcloth with Watarase railway route map printed.

Price \1,100

Trokko bento
It has many maitake mashrooms made in Gunma.
For example, maitake mashroom templa and maitake mash room rice etc... are in it.

Price \1,000

JAP(Maitake gohan teisyoku)ENG(Maitake mushroom rice set meal) \1,250
JAP(Mugitoro teisyoku)ENG(Boiled barley and rice,and grated yam set meal) \1,150
JAP(Sosu katsu zyu)ENG(Source deep-fried pork cutlet rice bowl) \850
JAP(Kinoko carry)ENG(Mushroom carry) \850
JAP(Maitake tempra udon)ENG(Maitake mushroom tempra udon) \850
JAP(Maitake tempra soba)ENG(Maitake mushroom tempra soba) \850
JAP(Kinoko udon)ENG(Mushroom udon) \700
JAP(Kinoko soba)ENG(Mushroom soba) \700
JAP(Nama biru)ENG(Draft beer) \550
JAP(soft drink)ENG(soft drink) \200
写真提供者  わたらせ渓谷鐵道株式会社